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Since heating systems use various metals (for example: heat exchanger – copper; radiators – cast iron, aluminium or sheet metal; pipeline – steel; controllers and valves – bronze or brass), black sediment forms in the system due to electrochemical corrosion. Everyone with any contact whatsoever with a heating system must have seen it.

It is erroneous to think that if the so-called chemical water (that what is bought from a district heating network) is used in radiators, then the aforementioned sediment will not form. It will! Chemical water prevents system rusting, but it won’t help against electrochemical corrosion. Sediment will still form!

Sediment forms an insulating layer in radiators and heat exchangers, which will take much more energy to get the heat through than in the case of a clean system. In the case of a double tube system, clogging temperature controllers are a major issue. In order to render a temperature controller inoperative, sediment will have to clog an opening of a mere 0.5 mm! Older cast iron radiators are often covered with sediment to up to 2/3 on the inside – no wonder the heat fails to arrive at the home!

Paldiski 171 paigaldus 150

Paldiski blvd. 171

In addition to multiple issues, sediment will also cause a major lift in heating costs. Sediment of as little as 1 mm will produce over expenditure of up to 10% in heat consumption.

The only permanent solution to these problems is Bauer electromagnetic technology. The Bauer electromagnetic filtering device is installed in the boiler room of the association, where it will be cleaning the heating water and system. The filter will separate the sediment “disturbed” by the Bauer electromagnetic device in the water from the water. The heating system will begin cleaning step-by-step. The radiators, pipeline, heat exchanger or any other parts of the system will become clean. Issues related to the heating system will vanish and the lifespan of the system will be prolonged considerably. As a result of long-time monitoring, it has become evident that the average saving achieved by using the Bauer device is 12.5% . Also, there’s no need any more to execute yearly flushing, which, owing to the chemicals used, will corrode the metal surfaces and decrease the endurance of heat exchangers.

There’s a lot of talk about complex renovation of apartment buildings, during which also the heating system should be renewed. Lots of information on complex renewing can be found on the Kredex webpage www.kredex.ee . Since a single pipe system can’t be adjusted individually, it should be replaced by a double pipe system, or the single pipe system should be rendered adjustable. For example, Danfoss has temperature controllers fitting the single pipe system. Using these controllers with the Bauer electromagnetic device (which cleans the existing single pipe system), it’s a solution times less expensive than the replacement of the heating system of the entire apartment building. Apparently, 80% of pipelines are

Filter Paldiski mnt.171 KÜ_250

Filter cleaning the heating system

replaced due to the fact that they’re clogged and only 20% due to the fact that the pipes are rusted and can spring a leak. Then why replace pipes that are still strong and could stand years, even decades, if it’s possible to clean them using Bauer technology? If you plan to renew the heating system with the help of support granted by Kredex, you must perform an energy audit beforehand. Make sure to ask the auditor also to include the Bauer electromagnetic filtering equipment to the audit, then you’ll receive support for obtaining the equipment, as well as this will allow achieving the saving ration required to receive the Kredex support. In case the auditor has no exact knowledge of Bauer equipment, then do not hesitate to give them our contact data. We also train auditors on a daily basis.

We have worked out a very convenient instalment/leasing package for apartment associations for obtaining Bauer electromagnetic equipment. The prices start from 135 euros per month + VAT. Usually the monetary saving proceeding from the use of the device will be larger than the instalments of Bauer equipment. Therefore no additional money will be required to be invested in order to achieve saving, rather than overspending terminated! The instalment is especially favourable due to the fact that every year the price for the mW/h increases, while the monthly instalment of the Bauer device is a fixed amount – thus saving will increase by each growth in the price of the mW/h.

Must filter Paldiski 171 KÜ_250

Filter that has been full filled in 4 months Paldiski blvd.171

Example: typical apartment building in Mustamäe, 60 apartments, 5 floors

 2010. a  when using Bauer
 Heating costs  32 210.-  28 134.-*
 Flushing of heat exchanger  200.-  –
 Repairs/maintenance costs  640.-  64.-**
 Instalment of Bauer device  –  2 400.-***
 Total  33 050.-  30 598.-
 SAVING PER YEAR  0.-  1 612.-  After Bauer instalment!!!
 Saving after expiry of instalment  0.-  4 012.-

* Calculated at average saving 12.5%
** Bauer filter replacement/maintenance
*** Monthly instalment 200 euros , after VAT (period 60 months)

As is evident from the table above, it’s possible to save 1612 euros (over 25,000 kroons) per year in the case of a 60 apartment building without having to invest a single euro.

Õismäe 10 KÜ_250

Installation for Õismäe blvd 10

Kolde 82 KÜ_250

Bauer + filter for Kolde blvd. 82

Bauer koos filtriga_250

Bauer together with the filter for the heating systems


Apartment building residents are often facing issues, such as the shower and tap nozzles get clogged with scale, water is scarce in the pipeline of the building, especially in the morning when many people will want to take a shower. Or, they will have to wait long to get hot water from the tap. This is mostly due to scale.

More info on scale issues and solutions can be found HERE .

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