When designing various parts, it’s extremely important that the entire system works as designed also when used.

Since various metals are used in heating and cooling systems (sheet metal/cast iron – radiators, steel – pipeline, copper – heat exchanger), sediment forms as a result of electrochemical corrosion (various metals reacting mutually), depositing evenly in the pipeline, radiators, heat exchangers, etc. It’s a sticky blackish mass forming an insulating layer in the system, heating through which will increase heating costs considerably. SEDIMENT WILL ALSO FORM IF YOU USE “CHEMICAL WATER” OBTAINED FROM THE DISTRICT HEATING UTILITY LINE!!!

Already in 3-5 year old systems (and what could be going on in even older systems!) clogging in the pipelines, heat exchangers and radiators occurs (often a mere ¼ of the surface area of a radiator will become hot), whereby the water in circulation itself may be transparent and seem clean. The same issues occur also in floor heating circuits. There are lots of issues with clogging temperature controllers.

The most efficient and modern solution to these problems is electromagnetic water treatment based on Bauer technology affecting minerals solved in the water, preventing the formation of scale and corrosion. After the installation of the device no soot will deposit in the pipes, radiators, heat exchangers or on any other surfaces in contact with water. Also sediment formed earlier will start softening and coming off the surface as a result of the treatment. As a result of the treatment, both the radiators and any other parts of the heating or cooling system will become clean, the load on the circulation pump will decrease and the system will be balanced. The Bauer electromagnetic device with a special filter separating the aforementioned sediment from water will be installed in the heating or cooling circuit in the boiler room of the building.

As far as we know, a layer of sediment of 0.2 mm will cut down the efficiency of a heat exchanger by up to 40%! For the efficient transmission of thermal energy, it’s necessary to keep the heat exchanger clean. The flushing of the heating system has become an autumnal tradition, without taking into account the fact that every flushing with chemicals will cut down the lifespan of the heat exchanger. Regular flushing with chemicals isn’t efficient either, as the flushing may yield a momentary positive result, but new sediment will be forming at once and the system won’t be efficient.

Bauer equipment is part of energy saving and trouble free heating, cooling or air humidifying systems similar to a mud filter or circulation pump.

The main issue with consumer water systems is scale and problems stemming from the deposition thereof. You can read on consumer water solutions HERE .

We train designers constantly ourselves too and you’ll get all drawings and material required for designing from us.

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