Heating Systems

Heating systems

Irrespective of the source of energy (sun, gas, geothermal heat pump, air heat pump, district heating, etc), electrochemical corrosion (black soot) will occur in closed heating systems, distributing as an even layer in the entire heating system. The pipelines, radiators, heat exchangers, temperature controllers, etc, will clog as a result of electrochemical corrosion. The insulating layer induced by electrochemical corrosion will increase heating costs considerably.
Electrochemical corrosion will generate in the heating system also when using chemically treated water.



When installing the Bauer electromagnetic filtering device in the heating system, it’s possible to get rid of electrochemical corrosion. It’s not inevitable to use chemicals to remove or avoid clogging in central heating systems. The operating expenses of the device are low; maintenance works only consist of regular replacement of the filter elements (depending on the amount of clogging occurred).



 Check video what kind of black “tar” accumulates in the filter.


Bauer electromagnetic filtering device:

  • Will prevent and considerably slow down corrosion.
  • Will clean the system of rust and sediment layers and prevent the formation of new ones.
  • Will prevent the dissolution of metals, e.g., iron, copper, zinc, etc.
  • Will improve heat transfer, as pure water has better thermal conductivity.
  • Will keep the heat exchange surfaces clean.
  • Will clean clogged pipelines, radiators, heat exchangers, thermostats and valves.
  • Is environment-friendly and doesn’t use chemicals burdening nature or contaminating the environment.
  • Will ensure a considerable saving of energy.


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