The problem makes no difference – be it a single family home, office building, concert hall or theatre. Electrochemical corrosion forms in any heating system, irrespective of the fact whether the heating system uses the so-called chemically treated water or common consumer water. Electrochemical corrosion occurs due to the use of different metals in the same system. For example, the heat exchangers use copper, the pipeline is of steel, the radiators are of sheet metal and the regulating devices are of bronze.

Various metals will be mutually reacting, as they’re linked by the water circulating in the heating system. Sediment forms as a result of electrochemical corrosion, depositing unevenly in the heating system, forming an insulating layer on the inner walls of the system. The effect is the same as in the case of covered radiators – the heat will not reach the room. In order to obtain a required temperature in the room, the temperature of the heating water will have to be increased, which will increase the heating costs. This is especially noticeable in rooms with a large capacity, where heating costs per m2 are higher than normal anyway. Clogging is frequent in systems contaminated with sediment.


Installation for the Estonian National Symphonic Orchestra

Bauer Watertechnology knows the solution to the problems and helps cutting down heating costs. The Bauer electromagnetic device will be installed in the ventilation, floor, radiator circuits of the boiler room of the building. Electromagnetic treatment will stop the deposition of sediment forming as a result of the mutual reaction of metals and “lift” the sediment deposited from the pipes and radiators into the water. In addition to the device, a special microfiber filter separating the aforementioned sediment from water will be installed in line with the circulation pump. The first filter elements will fill in 3-4 months. Later when the system is cleaned as yet, the regular filling time of the filters will be one year. Within a few months the following changes could be expected:
– the radiators or parts of the building that haven’t warmed up for years will reheat,
– the temperatures in the various rooms will have equalised,
– the rooms will be warmer than in the previous periods,
– the heating costs will have dropped.

For example, the heating costs of the Vanemuine Theatre decreased by -7.1% in the first winter after installing Bauer equipment. An average saving when using Bauer electromagnetic technology will be 12.5%. This is corroborated by the monitoring of 100 buildings conducted in Finland and several other surveys.

Filter that has been filled within 2 months


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