Cooling System


Allalaaditud failCorrosion has long been a major issue in cooling systems. By using Bauer water treatment and clean water, it’s possible to stop corrosion. Bacterial development will also stop in the system without adding any chemicals. With clean water and clean heat exchange surfaces, the best cooling capacity will be achieved, which will help cut down on administration and maintenance expenses and avoid system errors and clogging.

The Bauer water treatment device:

  • Will prevent and considerably slow down corrosion.
  • Will prevent the dissolution of metals, e.g., iron, copper, zinc, etc.
  • Will remove functionality disturbance conditioned by foreign matter, for example, erroneous error signals.
  • Will clean the system of rust and sediment layers and prevent the formation of new ones.
  • Will improve thermal conductivity, as pure water has the best thermal conductivity.
  • Environment-friendly, doesn’t use chemicals burdening nature or contaminating the environment.
  • Will ensure a considerable saving of energy.
  • Maintenance free, doesn’t require the monitoring of the chemical content or annual adding thereof

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